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Vintage fur jacket

When have you waked up this morning, have you found  in a scenery completely covered with snow? I have to say, the Lake Garda is beautiful when the sun is shining, but with the snow it has also own charm!

My fur jacket unearthed in a vintage market is perfect to deal with this

Sunny Saturday

After a sunny weekend with quite acceptable temperatures, could we start a new week with the same spring clomate? Unfortunately we couldn’ t … Here in Brescia it’ s snowing incessantly since this morning and overall is completely covered in white.

The outfit that I propose today is worn on last Saturday

Black&White + fur

When I want to feel me good and perfect for any occasion I choose black and white colors:  with theese I’ m sure I’ m never wrong! And if I add a piece to look as strong as a super fur vest, then the result can only improve! Do you like my dress? Shop in my

Emerald green: the color of 2013

Do you know what is the color of  the year? Emerald green. Probably many of you have guessed it looking fashion shows or flipping through any fashion magazine. Even Pantone, provider of professional color standards for the design industries, has announced a few days ago that Pantone 17-5641, emerald green color of course, will be the

New Balenciaga bag!

Today I want to introduce my new bag, the Balenciaga Bowling Bag…I’ m so happy with my new purchase! I love it and it will be the bag that I will use more often: it is large, it is easy, it is practical … In only one word? Perfect! It will follow me from morning to

In the days before it was so cold

If I think that in mid November I could still afford to go out with bare legs and short sleeves … Ahhhhhhhhh! now it’ s so freezing!
Here’ s what I wore about a month ago for a office day: dress with check print, Mary Jane heels and leather jacket.

Se penso che

Ikea skirt

Can get a skirt from pillowcases? Yes!!!
The skirt with embroidery I’ m wearing in these pics is from the Ikea department fabrics and linens for the home department! Yes, I was able to find something that could turn into something to wear, becoming an original cloth to add to my wardrobe.

Green ruffles

Here are some photos taken a couple of months ago, I had just forgotten to post! I love this outfit: my mom is amazing! During this time I love the “modeled fabrics”, in fact thanks to heavier texture we can create ruffles and other details which give dimension and shape to the clothes.
I think this

The New York Times

Are you curious to see the new entry in my autumn wardrobe? Here it is, my new coat, just hot ..off the press …. Ahahahahah!
When I saw this fabric hung in the home department of the shop, I immediately fell in love! It would be perfect to cover the pillows in my living

Autumn style

During this time I literally fell in love with lace, if  I can I wear this fabric during all the day, morning, afternoon, evening … But thinking about it … Why not?
If in the past the lace was connected with an elegant and refined style, worn only on special occasions, such as